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Lumos Ultra MIPS

Lumos Ultra MIPS
This item is currently not available.


- COB LED Technology: it's a more compact footprint while delivering a higher intensity of light, meaning you'll be seen from further away and gives the lights a more uniform look
- The helmet will be equipped with 98 COB LEDs in total
- Front Light (30 COB LED diodes)
- Rear Lights with Turn Signals (34 red COB LED diodes, 34 orange COB LED diodes)
- 1100mAh rechargeable battery providing up to 10 hours with the lights set on maximum brightness
- USB-C Charging Connection (Chargeable with a 5V—5.2V & 0.5A charger)
- Remote included for turn Signal
- Option to buy a Lumos Remote to activate Automated Brake Lights. (The Remote Lite included with Ultra doesn't come with an accelerometer and can only be used to activate turn signals)
- Lumos Companion App: Customize your light flashing patterns, check your battery life, track your activity, and sync with Strava and Apple Health
- Maximum Venting
- MIPS technology

- Small: 51 – 55cm / 20 – 21.6"
- Medium/Large: 54 – 61cm / 21.3 – 24"
- X-Large: 61 – 65cm / 24 – 25.6"