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About Bikenetic

Established in 2011, Bikenetic specializes in bicycle service and commuter needs.

We sell Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Fitness/Hybrid Bikes and accessories.

Our full service repair shop, located conveniently at the front of our store, is stacked to the ceiling with the right tools to tackle small and large jobs with minimal turn-around and a guarantee! You'll probably even get a complimentary smile...and if you're really lucky a bad joke.

The owner, Jan Feuchtner, has worked in and managed several bike shops in the Northern Virginia area since 1999. From salesman, to bike wrench, to store manager, he has held every role a bike shop has to offer. This knowledge translates into an owner/operator who is able to understand the needs of not only his customers but also the staff. After all, a happy staff makes for happy customers!

About Bikenetic - Jan Feuchtner

Jan Feuchtner, Owner, Store Manager

I've been working in bike shops since 1999, landing a part-time job halfway through my college career. Once I graduated from George Mason University in 2001, I began work full-time at one of the chain stores in the area as a salesperson. My parents would say I've always been a "tinkerer" and good with my hands, which is likely what led to my interest in the mechanical aspect of bikes. Being a do-it-yourselfer my whole life allowed me to excel in the service department moving from mechanic, to service manager to eventually the Store Manager. 

After a few years, I was recruited by Hudson Trail Outfitters to not only manage the bike shop from within, but also be the Head Mechanic. The managerial style I employed at one store proved so effective that HTO had me "tour" the small chain in order to improve customer experiences across the board. 

Several years went by until an opportunity came to work a great creative position for a non-profit in the area...albeit behind a desk doing graphic print and web design. I was able to stay within the bicycle industry part-time by helping establish and run a new bike store in Fairfax near my Alma Mater in 2006. In 2008, I left the non-profit to manage this business (Oasis Bike Works) full-time. 

The natural progression was then to start my own bike shop, Bikenetic, in the City of Falls Church in 2011.

Helen Huley - Bikenetic

Helen Huley, Co-Owner, Sales Manager

I grew up on and around bikes, but my recent re-introduction into cycling began about a decade ago when my then-boyfriend, Jan, sold me a hardtail mountain bike from Hudson Trail Outfitters.  I fell instantly in love with riding singletrack and enjoyed the many trails in the area over the next few years.  I had a full time marketing job at the time, but would come to the bike shop on the weekends to assist with minor repairs and help customers.

Jan & I were married in 2010 and soon after, Jan made the big decision to open his own shop in Falls Church.  In 2013, the company I worked for moved out of the state and I found myself excited to join my husband in his dream shop!  Jan & Brian patiently taught me the basics of bike mechanics and I learned more as I was submerged into real-time, hands-on bike wrenching.

We all wear many hats in our small family-owned shop, but above all, we are bike enthusiasts and hope our love for all things bike shines through and ignites that passion in our customers.

Our Shop's Thing 

Bikenetic - at the risk of sounding kinda cheezy - is a bike shop for the cyclists, by the cyclists. We are constantly shaping and molding ourselves to offer the best products and services based on requests, suggestions and recommendations.

And we still believe that the customer is (almost) always right...which means we will do what it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our staff is made up of knowledgeable CYCLISTS. We emphasize cyclists because we feel it is important to put our money where our mouth is. We won't hire someone simply because they're a great sales person or manager at a clothing (or other unrelated) store. We will however, hire an avid cyclist because they will be a naturally great salesperson, manager or mechanic because of their real world experiences. While we're on the topic, you may notice that everyone who works here wears multiple hats. It is important for us that all our employees have at least a basic knowledge of how to run each department within the store - from sales, to inventory management to repairs. For you, as a consumer, that means no matter who is working, we'll be able to walk you through at least the basics of any question you may have.

If there were a downside to our "everybody bikes" approach it would be that occasionally we need to take a West Coast style approach to our business hours. While it's rare, there are some events which require our entire staff to attend. Whether it's supporting a race or participating in one, every now and again we'll post up on our facebook page well in advance if we need to close because no one is available to work...we're sure you understand...