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Bike Repair & Tune-Ups




Bike tuned up recently or hasn't seen much mileage?

Basic Tune includes:

Brake adjustment

Shifting adjustment

Headset adjustment

Bottom bracket adjustment

Drivetrain lube

Wheel trueing (basic, in bike)



Shifting not crisp and your brakes are soft or rubbing? You're probably due for a Full Tune-Up.

Includes Basic Tune plus:

Wheel removal to adjust hubs

Wheel trueing (advanced, in stand)

Hand wash frame and wheels

Thorough safety inspection



Do your shifters not work? Are your brake levers hard to squeeze or do they return slowly? A Premium Tune-Up will breathe new life into your bicycle.

Includes Full Tune plus:

Cable & housing replacement ($80 value)

Cables are what physically communicate your input from the handlebars down to the derailleurs and brakes. Once the steel cables develop corrosion they no longer slide smoothly, causing friction that prohibits even the best mechanic from adjusting your drivetrain properly.

A-La Cart Services

Shifters & Derailleurs
Adjust Brake/Install Pad - Cantilever or U-Brake
$15Adjust Shifter/Derailleur - Front $20
Adjust Brake/Install Pad - Linear or Caliper $15Adjust Shifter/Derailleur - Rear$20 
Adjust Brake/Install Pad - Disc Brake $25Overhaul Jammed/Gummy Shifter $25
Bleed Brake/Clean Pistons Disc $40Install Shift Cable - Standard$20
Install Brake Cable - Standard$20Install Shift Cable - Internal $25
Install Brake Cable - Internal$25Install Shift Cable / Housing$25
Install Brake Cable - Gyro/BMX $25Surcharge Install Cable on Old Style Grip Shift $5
Install Brake Cable / Housing$25Install Shifter - Downtube$25
Install Brake - Linear or Caliper $25Install Shifter - STI$35
Install Brake - Cantilever or U-Brake $25Install Shifter - Mountain$30
Install Brake - Cable Actuated Disc$40Install Front Derailleur - Standard$25
Install Brake - Hydraulic Disc (incl. shortening hose) $50Install Front Derailleur - Direct Mount$40
Install Brake Levers - Pair (w/ Cable Install)$40Install Rear Derailleur$25
Install Cross Top Brake Levers - Pair $50Overhaul SRAM Road Shifter $50
Install Disc Rotor$15Overhaul Campagnolo Ergo Shifter $65
Overhaul Brake - Caliper or Lever Disc$60

True Disc Brake Rotor$20

True Disc Brake Rotor Minor$15

Tune and Clean Drivetrain$70Install Tire/Tube$15
Tune and Clean Drivetrain (w/ chain purchase)$50Install Tire/Tube (internal/chainbox)$30
Adjust Bottom Bracket$25Set Up Tubeless System per Wheel$30
Overhaul Adjustable Bottom Bracket$45Install New Front Wheel - Tire Swap$15
Install Cartridge Bottom Bracket (w/ cranks)$30Install New Rear Wheel - Tire/Cassette Swap$30
Install Bottom Bracket on bare frame$25Install Tire Liners or Rim Tape (w/o Tube Replace)$15
Face and Chase Bottom Bracket threads$35Stans Sealant Refill (w/ removable core)$5
Install 1 piece crank$30Glue Tire sew up (Used Tire or Rim)$80
Install chainring (each)$20Glue Tire sew up (New Tire and Rim)$50
Chainring Install w/ Crank Removal$30Adjust Front hub$25
Install Chain$15Adjust Rear hub$25
Install Freewheel/Cassette$15Overhaul Front hub$45
Install Pedals$5Overhaul Rear hub$45
Install Pedals (w/ purchase)$0Chris King Hub Overhaul$65
Install Toe Clips and Straps$10Overhaul Coaster hub$45
Overhaul/ Adjust Pedal (each)$20Overhaul Internally Geared HubHourly
Remove/Re-Install Bearings in Outboard BB$45True wheel$25
Install Bearings in Outboard BB (removed from bike)$30True wheel major/ spoke install (single spoke only)$30
Install BB Mounted Chain Guide System$60Spoke Install w/ Tune (or multiple Install Surcharge)$15
Install ISCG Bashguard w/ Crank Removal$30Build wheel$100

Build wheel (w/ purchase of two or more parts)$80

Surcharge Wheelsmith Spoke Prep$5
  Surcharge Wheelbuild Non-conventional Wheel$10+

Tune-Ups & Bike BuildsHandlebars & Steering
Basic Tune$100Adjust headset$15
Full Tune-Up$150Overhaul headset$45
Premium Tune-Up (cables/housing additional)$250Install Headset$45
BMX Tune-Up$60Install Headset on prepped frame$25
Tandem Full Tune-Up$115Install Headset on prepped frame (w/ purchase)$0
Clean Bike (Dirty Bike Surcharge)$20Install Fork$45
 Bike Check Over / Lubrication$15Install Fork & Headset$55
New Bike Build - Adult (from manufacturer)$100Install Fork & Headset (w/ facing)$75
New Bike Build - Kid (from manufacturer)$75Face Headtube$35
New Bike Build - BMX (from manufacturer)$60Thread Steer Tube$25
New Bike Build - Tandem (from manufacturer)$130Cut Steer Tube$15
New Bike Build - E-Bike (from manufacturer)$150Install Grips / Bar-ends$10
Box Bike for Shipping$80Install Grips / Bar-ends (w/ purchase)$0
Bike Shipping Handling Fee (UPS/FedEx)$5Cut Flat Bars$20
 Assemble Bike From Shipping (No Tune-up)$40Install Flat Handlebar (Mountain/Hybrid)$30
Assemble Tandem From Shipping (No Tune-up)$75Install Drop Handlebar (Road)$50

 Install Bartape$20
  Install "Clip-On" Aero Bars$30
  Install "Old School" Single Bolt Stem$30
  Install Modern Stem w/ Faceplate$15

Major RepairsSuspension
Bike Build Frame Up - Road or Mountain$250Install Rear Shock$20
Bike Build Frame Up - BMX$125Overhaul Rear Shock$60
Bike Build Frame Up - Tandem$300Install DU bushing (each)$15
Complete Overhaul$250Overhaul Fork Air or Coil w/ oil damping$70
Complete Overhaul Tandem$300Surcharge Overhaul Damper or Fox Talas$35
Complete Overhaul w/ Fork Overhaul$300Overhaul Fork Basic Coil (no damper)$50
Complete Overhaul w/ Fork and Shock Overhaul$400Surcharge Fork Bushing replacement$45
Complete Overhaul w/ Suspension/Bearings/Bleeds$450Surcharge Shock oil (one fork)$15
Component Only Upgrade w/ Purchase$150Overhaul Full Suspension Frame (per Bearing/ Bushing)$25

Miscellaneous InstallsFrame Repairs
Install baby carrier$25Chase/ Tap Water Bottle Bosses$8
Install computer$15Install Water Bottle Riv-nuts$30
Install standard cadence computer$25Align Dropouts$10
Install Saddle$5Adjust/ Align/ Install Der Hanger$15
Install rear rack$20Repair Der Hanger w/ Drop-out saver$30
Install Training Wheels$10Deburr Seat Tube w/ Flexhone$8
Install Fenders (Standard)$25  
Install Fenders (Velo Orange, etc.)$45  

Miscellaneous Labor Charges
Misc. Labor (Minute Rate)$1
Bike Storage Fee (per day)$5
Surcharge Shop Supplies (Lube etc.)$3
Insurance Estimate -Full Refund w/ Repair (per minute)$2